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Enda o shea is a qualified hypnotherapist who helps people deal with issues such as quitting smoking , losing weight , releasing anxiety , gaining confidence , getting rid of fears , improving mindset and much more , he has trained worldwide over the past 15 years with some of the top hypnotherapy academys honing his skills and using them to help people.

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We offer excellent online sessions via Zoom and skype in regions world wide.

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Emma kilos

power lifting

I was probably the most relaxed i have ever been before lifting.A massive thanks to enda for giving me the push i needed.

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I wish i have heard of enda years ,Me and my daughter had a crippling fear of heights.We went for 1 session and have so much more confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can be hypnotised seen as it is a natural state of mind we all go in and out of many times daily wether that’s reading (you get to the end of the page and can’t remember what you just read), driving (you get home from a long journey and can’t remember half your journey or miss a turn that you may use daily ), watching a movie (we cry we laugh we get emotional even though we know its only a movie and not real life), we all enter trances many times daily , hypnosis is a collaborative effort between the hypnotist and client .

As discussed in other questions hypnosis is a natural state of mind and is completely safe.

Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years and no one has ever got stuck in a state of hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is is a tool and once learned can be used daily to give yourself positive suggestions.

The answer is no , while you are in a relaxed state and open to suggestions if any suggestions are given that are against your morals or beliefs your unconscious mind will reject any such suggestions that are not going to benefit you .

Hypnotherapy is used to help quit smoking,lose weight,fears/phobias,insomnia,anxiety,confidence and much more