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No matter what sport you play or at what level you participate, nerves can be a major influence over your level of performance, competitiveness and ultimately your enjoyment of the sport you play. Sports Performance Hypnotherapy improves and enhances your mental attitude by reducing fear, increasing relaxation and refining your focus. We charge €249 for 2 full sessions of up to 60 minutes each. If you think you’d like a more in dept program, visit

Unleash your full potential and improve your performance today!

Let Your Brain Do All the Heavy Lifting

Sports Hypnosis greatly improves performance. Studies show that sports success is down to 90% of the mind. Of course, high levels of fitness must be maintained but research shows it is more to do with mental ability than physical. Hypnotherapy improves and enhances mental attitude by reducing fear, to feel more relaxed and increase confidence and focus. Enda O Shea has a vast amount of experience helping people unleash their full potential and improve their sports performance, contact Enda for a free and confidential 15-minute discovery session today.

2 reviews for Sports Improvement Online Program

  1. Duncan Casey

    The next few days I trained, I felt way better and I was training well. I was actually enjoying it again!

  2. Liam Beville

    I had minimal nerves and was full of composure, which is all down to the techniques I had been shown. I accomplished all my life goals in Powerlifting and I could not have done this without help from Enda and hypnosis.

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