Insomnia Online Program


Lack of sleep can cause so many issues; clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help people slow down and drop off much easier then trying to do it alone. Let us help you. We charge €147 for our first session and €100 for any follow-up sessions. Normally only one or two sessions are required for most issues.

Get free from your insomnia today!

Enda O Shea has a vast amount of experience helping people overcome their insomnia, with a lot of people only needing one session. Don't be afraid to contact us.

See Results Fast!

Notice significant changes to your mindset and sleep in no time!

Uses Effective Hypnosis Techniques

Just as you have learnt to behave in a certain way, we help you "unlearn" this behaviour

Reinforced At Home

We record all session so you can do them at home to reinforce the treatment.


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